The Darker the Berries the Sweeter the Juice… Can anyone confirm?

We have all heard the saying, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, that black dick is bigger and once you go black you dont go back…  We have decided to take a look at see if any of these very popular sayings, could in fact be true and we need your help with some of it.  We would like to direct your attention to the Gay XXX DVDs of one of our featured studios “Chocolate Cream”.  This DVD in particular is “Black Meat Warehouse”… what better way to find out if black dick is in fact bigger thank checking out the meat warehouse right?

It didnt take long to see if it was true or not… within the first few minutes it was amazing to see just how big these HUGE black cocks were.  You would think you were staring an anaconda right in the face… then youd like your lips and dive right in trying to take it all down! (we all know you would!)  But anyhow I think size wise we can confirm, but the sweeter the juice?  It sure seems like these other gay black men loved how sweet the juice was.  They couldnt stop themselves from drinking in the sweet taste of these dark man berries!  But is it really sweeter?  Anyone who has “hands on” experience with this willing to chime in?

One thing we can positively deny is that “once you go black you never go back” because we tossed in a white on white gay porn right after this one!  So its confirmed possible to go back after dabbling in black :)

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