Realizing just how boring Netflix and Hulu are…

You ever find yourself with the remote in your hand, click, click, clicking through the B rated movies you are now forced to watch on Netlfix because youve seen absolutely everything else available? Well thats how the past couple days / nights have been. Thats right, home sick from work and there is nothing to watch! Im stuck trying to decide between TV reruns on Hulu or some random movies that barely get 3 star reviews and never made it to the theaters..

This is when I realized just how happy I was that our DVD store with Pay Per View, streaming, and download options is actually amazing. With the sheer amount of gay adult dvds / gay XXX movies available in the store you could never get bored like I am watching Netflix and Hulu. This realization outs a huge smile on my face and also changed the direction of my weekend.

Time to invite a friend over to bring me chicken soup and help take my mind off this cold. “Gay Flicks and chill?!” Now its just a matter of trying to decide what to watch. Who has seen some great stuff lately and has suggestions on a couple titles to get me (us) through the weekend? As long as it has buff, hung guys, wearing nothing at all… I will be a happy camper!

If youve been living under a rock and havent checked out the store yet, you really owe it to yourself to go look, especially if youve been doing the netflix / hulu dance for far too long! You can check the store out here Gay Adult DVD Store an More!