Movie Review! Here is a review of the “Boxer Boys” DVDs

I was out at bar the other night with some friends from work and noticed there was an old boxing match on the plasma in the corner of the room. The more my friends drank, the more I ended up watching the boxing match when I started to notice just how in shape these dudes were. Then I started to notice how well they moved, dodging and weaving, ducking and jiving… My mind started to wander and I began to imagine just how much fun having a hot stud of a boxer would be in the bed room.. Well my co-workers were all straight and I dont have a boxer on speed dial so that next night I searched through the store and found “Boxer Boys”… 104 minutes of pure sexy muscle and movement!

I wasnt quite ready for just how in shape these guys were and and how much stamina they had! Low blows, jabs, thrusts and going down for the count all bring a new meaning to FUN in the sack! Dont even get me started about working a guy on the ropes 😉 If you are looking for an Adult Gay Flick with ripped men, cut abs, and a guy who isnt afraid to take a few to the face… Boxer Boys would be my recommendation. Lets put it this way… I am now trying to filter my dating sites by “Interests: Boxing”. I will find me a boxer to enjoy in the bedroom whether it kills me or not… until then I will just dream about being a sparring partner. I need someone to take out all that frustration on my ripe ass! Anyone game?

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