Welcome to our new Gay Flicks Movie Blog!

We are excited to announce our new Gay Flicks movie blog!

We figured a blog would be the very best way to tell you about all the important things in the gay movie world!

  • The best gay flicks of the week
  • The best gay movies to stream or pay per view
  • The sexiest gay xxx actors from now and in the past!
  • What Gay XXX DVDs need to make their way into your stocking this Christmas!

As you can see there will be a lot of writing but we think it will be worth it and most of all it will be fun!  Lets start of with a photo of this incredible hunk of manwich!


He was a Canadian actor that was in some of our favorite North of the border South of the belt films!  But anyhow I digress… The blog should be a fun place to play, feel free to bookmark us and then check back often for updates.  Like I said we are extremely excited at the opportunity to post up our thoughts, our experiences and see where GayFlicks.com takes us!

Live, laugh, fuck!