Now that we Gave Thanks lets talk about Giving Sexy Gifts!

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving day with their loved ones or their lust ones giving thanks to each other!  Now that we have all eaten our fair share of food, listened to our fair share of stories, and possible dealt with more than our fair share of crazy relatives… we can move on to thinking about the holiday gift giving season!

While we here at Gay Flicks might be a little bit biased we cant think of anything better to give that Gay someone in your life than XXX DVDs, Sex Toys, or even a PPV subscription in our store!  What else could someone want besides some insanely awesome Gay Porn to enjoy by themselves or with a friend?  Thats exactly right… nothing, theres nothing else someone could / should want!

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The Darker the Berries the Sweeter the Juice… Can anyone confirm?

We have all heard the saying, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, that black dick is bigger and once you go black you dont go back…  We have decided to take a look at see if any of these very popular sayings, could in fact be true and we need your help with some of it.  We would like to direct your attention to the Gay XXX DVDs of one of our featured studios “Chocolate Cream”.  This DVD in particular is “Black Meat Warehouse”… what better way to find out if black dick is in fact bigger thank checking out the meat warehouse right?

It didnt take long to see if it was true or not… within the first few minutes it was amazing to see just how big these HUGE black cocks were.  You would think you were staring an anaconda right in the face… then youd like your lips and dive right in trying to take it all down! (we all know you would!)  But anyhow I think size wise we can confirm, but the sweeter the juice?  It sure seems like these other gay black men loved how sweet the juice was.  They couldnt stop themselves from drinking in the sweet taste of these dark man berries!  But is it really sweeter?  Anyone who has “hands on” experience with this willing to chime in?

One thing we can positively deny is that “once you go black you never go back” because we tossed in a white on white gay porn right after this one!  So its confirmed possible to go back after dabbling in black :)

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Who Would You Like to Meet in a Dark Alley? Downtown Knights!

We have seen a few orders recently of the Downtown Knights DVD fly through our order screens so we decided to see what all the excitement was about. We had a group screening after the workday was over and well the 116 minutes was well worth the extra time spent at work!

Downtown Knights is an all gay XXX adult video starting Jack Rock, Rodrigo Ferrari, Tomas Yuri, Pedro and Lucas! These guys are some of the hottest and in shape latino men you could ever hope to run into. The DVD was shot and edited by South America Pictures who know sexy Latino men better than anyone else could!

So the question posted is “Who would you like to meet in a dark alley?” The answer is definitely… each and every one of these incredibly hot gay men!

The DVD has some incredible threesome scenes, ending with hot and sticky pop shots on their chest, stomach, and chins! If you like packed threesomes, hot in shape asses being filled with hard cock, and soft supple lips sliding down thick shafts then this video is for you! Thank you to those who have ordered Downtown Knights recently, bringing this Adult XXX dvd to our attention!

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Did you know we have a full selection of sex toys too?!


With as much as we talk about all of the incredible Gay Adult DVDs and movies that we carry we have never actually talked much about the sex toys we have in the store too! First off please accept our apology for not mentioning this to you sooner! Now you can watch your favorite movies and take matters into your own hands as soon as you take it to the bedroom! Our sex toy department is full of butt plugs, lubes, chokers, cock rings and pretty much every leather accessory you can imagine.

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Realizing just how boring Netflix and Hulu are…

You ever find yourself with the remote in your hand, click, click, clicking through the B rated movies you are now forced to watch on Netlfix because youve seen absolutely everything else available? Well thats how the past couple days / nights have been. Thats right, home sick from work and there is nothing to watch! Im stuck trying to decide between TV reruns on Hulu or some random movies that barely get 3 star reviews and never made it to the theaters..

This is when I realized just how happy I was that our DVD store with Pay Per View, streaming, and download options is actually amazing. With the sheer amount of gay adult dvds / gay XXX movies available in the store you could never get bored like I am watching Netflix and Hulu. This realization outs a huge smile on my face and also changed the direction of my weekend.

Time to invite a friend over to bring me chicken soup and help take my mind off this cold. “Gay Flicks and chill?!” Now its just a matter of trying to decide what to watch. Who has seen some great stuff lately and has suggestions on a couple titles to get me (us) through the weekend? As long as it has buff, hung guys, wearing nothing at all… I will be a happy camper!

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Ever Played in the Arcade On Route 9?!

I know the last blog post talked about how Manwatcher was our favorite move but.. after digging through some of the user responses we got from some of you we have to say that Arcade on Route 9 is an absolutely must watch!  This definitely made us rethink our favorite XXX Gay Flick and the consensus is that its now a dead on tie!

Directed by Joe Gage, Arcade on Route 9 stars some of the hottest guys we have seen in these roles.  Adam Young, Josh Powell, Brett Anderson, Jody Scott, Matt Cole, Peter Axel, Ken Mack, and Matthew Matters all play their roles fantastically in this fun scorcher!

One thing a lot of our reviewers loved about this movie was that Joe Gage works the intergenerational angle like never before.  The dad definitely broaden his sons horizons when she introduces him to the lifestyle at that Arcade on Route 9.  After watching it, feel free to tell us who you thought played the role the best.. the smooth young athlete, the stud of a college guy, the doc, the coach or the mechanic!  Lots of mega stars in this movie and some fresh insatiable faces as well.

The DVD itself is absolutely full of content too.  Besides the feature move you will get a chance to see the behind the scenes footage, fluffing to keep these guys hard (its a rough job but id love to do it…), some additional photo sessions and everyones favorite Cumshot Reviews!

If you haven’t seen Arcade on Route 9, you need to, no really, go find the movie now and watch it!  Thank you to all of you that sent in the recommendation!



What is your favorite Gay XXX Movie of all time?

A question came up today surrounding our favorite Gay XXX Movie of all time and you know it was actually a really hard one to answer so we though we would pose that question to everyone reading our blogs to see what yours are.  Make sure to also respond with the reason its your favorite xxx movie, more than just “_____ is hung, so I love it” please :)  You can use our contact page to send in your thoughts.

So as for our favorite Gay XXX DVD movie of all time… *drum roll please*  Manwatcher!  Its an oldie but goodie from 1997.  I mean how can you beat having 15 of the hottest, ripped, handsome and hung guys in a tropical paradise!  Well it would be much better to be there as #16 but… getting a chance to watch this amazing XXX movie that came out of the Kristen Bjorn Studio is a close enough.  It always gets me how much passion and heat comes out of these sexy scenes!

If you havent had a chance to seen Manwatcher, you really owe it to yourself to take a gander.  You wont hate it, thats for sure :)  We have it available for you in our store!  Dont wait any longer, experience our favorite movie right now, maybe it will be your new favorite too!


Movie Review! Here is a review of the “Boxer Boys” DVDs

I was out at bar the other night with some friends from work and noticed there was an old boxing match on the plasma in the corner of the room. The more my friends drank, the more I ended up watching the boxing match when I started to notice just how in shape these dudes were. Then I started to notice how well they moved, dodging and weaving, ducking and jiving… My mind started to wander and I began to imagine just how much fun having a hot stud of a boxer would be in the bed room.. Well my co-workers were all straight and I dont have a boxer on speed dial so that next night I searched through the store and found “Boxer Boys”… 104 minutes of pure sexy muscle and movement!

I wasnt quite ready for just how in shape these guys were and and how much stamina they had! Low blows, jabs, thrusts and going down for the count all bring a new meaning to FUN in the sack! Dont even get me started about working a guy on the ropes 😉 If you are looking for an Adult Gay Flick with ripped men, cut abs, and a guy who isnt afraid to take a few to the face… Boxer Boys would be my recommendation. Lets put it this way… I am now trying to filter my dating sites by “Interests: Boxing”. I will find me a boxer to enjoy in the bedroom whether it kills me or not… until then I will just dream about being a sparring partner. I need someone to take out all that frustration on my ripe ass! Anyone game?

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Lets talk about our Online Gay XXX DVD Store!

So this is definitely a bit of self promotion but hey its out site and we have put a lot of work into it. If you havent already done so, click here and check out the store we have put together. Not only is there a huge selection of 18+ Adult Gay DVDs but most have a streaming option, a Pay Per View option and even download options!

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Spend a few minutes, click here now, see the store, see what we have to offer and start enjoying these fine movies right away!

There are always specials within the store, the holidays are coming up and these Adult DVDs would make you the best friend ever if you gave them as gifts. Take a look, enjoy it, you’ve earned it! :)

Office Affairs – Gay Flicks XXX Gay DVD of the Week!

Anyone that has ever worked in a corporate office building or cube farm has had a little bit of a man crush on someone else in the office.  You sit at your desk, smile, try to flirt with them when they walk by.  It usually doesnt matter if they are even Gay or Straight, they are just hot to trot and they make your day go by that much faster!  Well those fantasies are what Director Nica Noelle took and ran with when she directed Office Affairs an absolutely amazing XXX Gay Dvd movie watching experience!

The DVD is 110 minutes of action packed fun, includes some sexy bloopers you cant see anywhere else and is definitely worth having around the house for those lonely nights.  Its also available for PPV Streaming as well, the link to the DVD in our store will be below our review!

As you can imagine the plot includes a lot of casual glances, and a ton of sexual tension as the actors give their fleeting glances in the hallways and across the room.  But as any good man knows, if you want something bad enough you just have to go take it!  Watch the passion explode as employees get dominated by their bosses, even guys in the closet start to come out when they see their hung co-workers going at it in the break room.  Watch as Rod Daily blackmails the new guy into giving him something hes always wanted!  This DVD is full of actors you may recognize from a bunch of other adult gay films.  Take a look at the actor list, the box cover and see for yourself how good a cuddle date this movie would make!

Actors List:

  • Alex Andrews
  • Jimmy Fanz
  • Kirk Cummings
  • Landon Conrad
  • Tommy Defendi

If you have a fetish for Men in Suits, this ones definitely for you!
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