Ever Played in the Arcade On Route 9?!

I know the last blog post talked about how Manwatcher was our favorite move but.. after digging through some of the user responses we got from some of you we have to say that Arcade on Route 9 is an absolutely must watch!  This definitely made us rethink our favorite XXX Gay Flick and the consensus is that its now a dead on tie!

Directed by Joe Gage, Arcade on Route 9 stars some of the hottest guys we have seen in these roles.  Adam Young, Josh Powell, Brett Anderson, Jody Scott, Matt Cole, Peter Axel, Ken Mack, and Matthew Matters all play their roles fantastically in this fun scorcher!

One thing a lot of our reviewers loved about this movie was that Joe Gage works the intergenerational angle like never before.  The dad definitely broaden his sons horizons when she introduces him to the lifestyle at that Arcade on Route 9.  After watching it, feel free to tell us who you thought played the role the best.. the smooth young athlete, the stud of a college guy, the doc, the coach or the mechanic!  Lots of mega stars in this movie and some fresh insatiable faces as well.

The DVD itself is absolutely full of content too.  Besides the feature move you will get a chance to see the behind the scenes footage, fluffing to keep these guys hard (its a rough job but id love to do it…), some additional photo sessions and everyones favorite Cumshot Reviews!

If you haven’t seen Arcade on Route 9, you need to, no really, go find the movie now and watch it!  Thank you to all of you that sent in the recommendation!