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We all remember the days when there was a Blockbuster Video it almost every town, then there were smaller movie stores trying to compete… they all had 2 things in common, we tried to sneak into the “Adult Room” to see what was in there and we rented videos in hopes of hooking up… Not much has changed with the latter but now we are buying / renting DVDs and its online! Buy / Rent these Gay XXX DVDs!

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Maybe you don’t want DVDs laying around taking up space, but you want to have your own xxx gay porn collection available at the drop of a hat.. Well downloading movies is the option for you! Our store gives you the option to buy XXX movies and download them to your hard drive. This way you can watch them over and over, watch only the parts you want to, or can even toss them on an external drive and make those long nights away, that much more fun.

Streaming Movies

Unless your goal is to have a DVD collection as huge as you hope your boyfriend will be then streaming xxx might be a much better option for you. The cost is a little bit less and you get instant gratification. Lets face it, no one wants to wait long for their gay porn! Decide what videos you want to watch, click stream and bam you are eating popcorn, with your hand down your pants in no time at all.

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For when you need a quick fix and well you just don’t have the time to let the engines warm up or you are on a strict porn budget… Pay Per Minute is where its at! This is similar to PPV but you quite literally just pay for the minutes you watch! This is great if theres just a few scenes you want to check out or you want to just pay for that money shot! Take a look at the PPM / PPV options in our store, they might be what you’ve been waiting for.


Its definitely worthwhile to take a look around and see if there is anything you like.  The site highlights some of the best Gay XXX DVDs you will find anywhere and even has some personal reviews of the movies we have gotten a chance to watch.  You wont want to miss out on the blog posts we put up either.  Take a look around, read the blogs, and definitely take a look at our Adult Store!